Sally Bosco

Author of Dark Fiction

It’s the end of an era: My dungeon is coming down.

As I sit here trying to write, the workers are ripping down my old dungeon room.  It was a Florida room I’d painted black and filled with gargoyles, candles, a lion head fountain (complete with fogger), a gravity board for hanging upside down and the writing desk my dad made me.  The big dystopian mural I’d painted was hanging on the wall.  I’d had lots of parties in there and spent many writing nights.  But alas, the people who lived in the house before me who built the room didn’t do it to code, and it started crumbling.

Me with lion head fountain. My mural is in the background.

My dad was the first to notice the cracks.  “Sally, you have to do something about this room.  It’s breaking apart.”  Though I’m usually oblivious about such things, it was true.  The room had big cracks going through the outer walls.  One of my friends said, “Well no wonder your room is breaking apart; you invite all those demons in there.”  To which another friend replied, “The walls cracked apart in The Exorcist, too.”

My room got demolished in 3 hours!

I had my desk in there and the walls were covered over with black visqueen and black velvet drapes.  I could close myself off and zone out to the white noise of the fountain, during which I often felt like I was in the other worlds of my novels.  But I guess that’s all coming to an end.  What’s replacing it is an actual sun room.  (The horror!  Me and sun.  No!)

This is half of my dystopian mural.

This is the other half.

Actually, I’ve lost my taste for the room when my beloved MiniKitty spent his last days holed up.  He only wanted to be in a dark quite place toward the end, so I’m grateful it afforded him that comfort.  The night before I had to take him in to be put to sleep was right up there with the most difficult nights of my life.  Later when I’d go out there, it would make me kind of sad.  So I’m ready to part with the room and make a new beginning.  On a happy note, it’s going to be bigger than the other room was and it will have a half bath, tile floor and ceiling fans.  Also, my boyfriend, Eric is letting me reconstruct the dungeon in his basement.  I’m thinking of all the things I’ll be able to do in my new room, like take up painting again.  So, bring on the light!  I’m ready.  Maybe this is the beginning of a new era.


2 responses to “It’s the end of an era: My dungeon is coming down.

  1. Mike Arnzen April 13, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    That mural is fantastic, Sally. So sorry to hear your gorgeous dungeon is gone.

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