Sally Bosco

Author of Dark Fiction

Day 3 of the 10 for 10 Flash Fiction Challenge

Here’s my entry for today:


I woke up in darkness barely able to breathe. When I tried to move my arms and legs, I found that I could, but in a limited way. Something smooth and crinkly confined my limbs. I struggled and kicked against the barrier that enveloped me. Surely I’d suffocate in short time if someone didn’t rescue me. It must have been the work of a mad serial killer. I yelled out, “Somebody help me. Please.” My voice echoed within my confined space. I kicked and punched at the material, struggling to break free.

A man’s voice called to me. “Save your energy. I’ve been trying to bust through this thing for days and it’s no good. Nothing works. It’s indestructible.” The voice sounded middle-aged and tired.

I looked around and saw the outline of a man lying beside me in the same bound condition as myself. It was so dark in the closed room I hadn’t even known he was there. “Hey!” I called. “Who are you? What’s going on?”

Though I could barely make him out in the darkness, I watched his head turn. “I’m Ben and I have no idea,” he said in a voice muffled by the material.

“What kind of maniac would bind people up like this and put them in a dark room? It’s a small room too, like a casket.” I shivered

“I don’t know. I’m hoping for the best. Hoping that it’s not some crazed killer who’s going to torture us. Maybe it’s like aliens or something, who will do their tests and wipe out our memories and put us back where we were. What’s your name?”

“I’m Carmella.”

“Pleased to meet you, Carmella. I wish I could shake your hand.”

“Me, too. What do you do?” I rolled onto my side within the confines of my sack so I could see him better.

“I run a used bookstore, collectibles, that sort of thing. How about you?”

“I’m a housewife, basically. Nothing exciting there. I do sell a few things on ebay to make some extra money.”

“Interesting. I’m a big ebay seller myself. For a while there ebay was like a gold mine. Now, not so much. What with the bad economy and the fact that they take more of a cut.”

“I’m telling ya, it’s hard to make an honest living on there anymore.” I paused and tried to wriggle closer to him. “Ben, what do you suppose will happen to us?”

“I wish I knew. Look!” He pointed to a glowing spot at one of the top corners of the room.

“What’s happening?” The entire ceiling lifted off, and the light nearly blinded me. So much so that I could barely discern the outline of a huge person.

Ben shrieked. “No, it’s not!”

A giant hand grabbed for me. It wrapped around my midsection, crushing my ribs. I’d never survive this attack.

Holding me over a vast drop, the thing stood me upright and opened the top of my prison. It had huge round eyes and a furry nose.

It was only when it lifted its arm that I saw the paper heart hanging down.

Ty, the tag said. Beanie Baby.


Many of the participants of this challenge are affiliated with the MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University.

You can view the rest of the entries here.


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