Sally Bosco

Author of Dark Fiction

Binge Writing Reflections

I feel like I had a successful binge. My Day One total was 15,000 words, but I had written the beginning chapters and some of the middle.

My Day Two was the least productive with 5,600 words, but I had some distractions and ended up writing mostly at Starbucks.

Day Three, my day at Tampa Airport, turned out to be very productive. I wrote 7,000 words, but more than that, I had some interesting turns of events in my novel. Some relationships emerged that I didn’t know were there, and one of the characters turned out to be somebody quite different than I thought he was in the beginning.

Though I did follow my outline, I found myself filling in with scenes I hadn’t planned before. I subconsciously knew I had to get in some backstory or add plants for things that will come later on in the book. As these weren’t written down anywhere, they came from my subconscious.

This is the advantage of binge writing. The writing is organic and all one piece. The story doesn’t have time to get cold. It’s all right there in your head.

During my first 3 day writing binge I naively believed that I could complete a novel in 3 days. It’s obvious to me now that that isn’t going to happen, but at close to 30,000 words I now have a damned good start.

I don’t think I drove myself quite as hard this time. I took more care in forming my sentences and paragraphs, and sometimes I’d go back and correct things. Now I know that finishing my novel in that time frame isn’t the point. The point is getting into that white-hot creative state that will propel me to the end of the book.

If any of you are thinking of doing a writing binge, and have the time to do it, I would highly recommend it.

This is the poem, The Thin People. It’s hard to read, but if you click on it, it’s more legible.



2 responses to “Binge Writing Reflections

  1. LeeAllenHoward March 1, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    Amazing progress, Sally! Are you finding that the words are flowing better for this project than previous ones? I took 6 weeks to heavily plot my WIP, but as I’m writing, I’m finding that not everything wants to go where I planned to put it. I’ve been lucky to get 1000 words in an evening sitting, and more like 500. I hope to strike creative oil soon. What length are you shooting for, Sally?

  2. Sally Bosco March 1, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    Thanks, Lee! This project has been swirling around in my head for years, and I’ve been working on the outline off-and-on for over a year. Once I settled onto a plot, I found that the words started flowing. My last book, Poisonous Garden, was actually a little easier because it had a simpler plot. After the binge, I only seem to get getting about 1,000 words a sitting, but that ain’t bad either. Thanks for posting!

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