Sally Bosco

Author of Dark Fiction


Double_Crush_5 inDOUBLE CRUSH
By Sally Bosco

Warning!!! Double Crushes can be hazardous to your (mental) health.

What if you developed crushes on a guy AND a girl, and both of them liked you back? Tough problem, you say? Well yes, actually it is.

Here’s the plot:

When Project Keylight begins shooting a science fiction film in her small New England town, seventeen-year-old Piper Handy jumps at the chance to apply for the job of production assistant. During the shoot she becomes friends with a guy and girl, Mia and Evan, who will be going to her high school in the fall. What she doesn’t anticipate is that, as she’s dealing with one disaster after another during the shoot, she develops major crushes on both Mia and Evan. When both of them seem receptive to her attentions, she has some difficult decisions to make.

Can Piper avert disaster as she navigates her way through the minefield of teenage dating? Read Double Crush and see.


Category: Young Adult LGBTQ
E-Book and paperback
Publisher: Queerteen Press
Length: 24,318 words
Reading Level: 7th Grade & Up





Cevins_Deadly_Sin_72dpi3inCEVIN’S DEADLY SIN
By Sally Bosco

Who knew that a little pair of red lace panties could get him into so much trouble…

Cevin’s worst nightmare comes true when he and his mom move to a small Florida town where high fashion is a flannel shirt with the sleeves chopped off, and the only entertainment is the Friday night football games. Cevin wants nothing more than to blend in and get through the year so he can graduate and leave Tilapia forever.

When he meets Tessa, an introverted Goth girl, his plans to “not have a life” are forever ruined. She’s friendly to him, and he’s at first suspicious, but her poetic nature draws her to him, and he starts to believe she might be the only one who can accept him for what he is … if he could just get up the nerve to tell her about his cross-dressing.

Cevin, though, has a problem: two of the local bullies have discovered his proclivity for wearing women’s clothing. One of them is Tessa’s brother, who threatens to “out” him if he doesn’t stop seeing his beloved sister. Cevin will do nothing of the kind, and when their bullying escalates, Cevin has to figure out how to survive their viciousness while still seeing Tessa and preserving his own identity — whatever that is.

To add to his problems Cevin has an evangelical mom who thinks he’s doing “that thing the Lord despises” and is determined to set him straight by sending him to gay deprogramming camp. A former biker chick, she found religion after her drunk driving caused a serious motorcycle accident that severed her left hand and killed his sister.

A chance meeting with Amy, the school’s only outed lesbian, has him joining the rock band Chemical Sandwich that has to get ready for a major competition in just six short weeks. Never mind that Cevin can’t play bass; he’s going to have to learn.

When Cevin’s friendship with Tessa develops into something more, he finds someone else who doesn’t fit in and who shares his love of music and poetry as well as his hatred for jocks and bullies. But Tessa has secrets, too. Will her friendship lead Cevin to the fulfillment of his dreams, or to his own demise?


Category: Young Adult LGBTQ
E-Book and paperback
Publisher: Queerteen Press
Length: 97,473 words
Reading Level: 7th Grade & Up






By Sally Bosco

What would you do for love?

Confused by heightened senses and a heat that overwhelms her body and mind, shy, sheltered Kenley discovers that she’s a werecat. And not just any old werecat—she’s part of a royal lineage that goes back to the Egyptian cat goddesses. She’s eager to embrace her new heritage. After all, who wouldn’t want the strength and agility of a cat and, well, a few other special abilities? But when she falls in love with Luis, the crown prince of an opposing faction of werecats, she’s tempted to do the unspeakable to be with the boy she loves.

Don’t have an e-reader? You can download the Kindle application and read e-books from your Mac or PC.

Category: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Series Number: 
E-Book: for Kindle and for all other formats.
Price: $.99
Pages: 250
Reading Level: 7th Grade & Up


Link to purchase on Amazon:



By Lynne Hansen & Sally Bosco

Cyberspace has fangs…

An online murder mystery club for teens discovers they have a real murder to solve when one of their members is found dead under suspicious, perhaps even paranormal circumstances. The AltDeath Club knows that their friend Rachel didn’t commit suicide. Her blue lips and withered body are not the product of poison like the Rappahannock police believe. An energy vampire is prowling their isolated stretch of Northern Neck, Virginia. The AltDeathers must find the killer before they, too, fall prey to the vampire’s foul trap. Through their investigation, Tori St. James, her wheelchair-bound boyfriend Matt, and the rest of the AltDeath Club uncover the truth—that cyberspace…has fangs.

Category: Young Adult Horror
Formats: Trade Paperback & E-Book
Price: $2.99
Pages: 148
Reading Level: 7th Grade & Up

Link to purchase on Amazon:


ShadowCat smallSHADOW CAT

By Zoe LaPage

In search of the Werecat Code…

When Isabelle Renard moves to the Loire Valley to restore a five hundred-year-old fresco, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with Jules Valdrome, a handsome and enigmatic Frenchman who turns out to be a shape-shifting werecat. She is bitten by a renegade vampire werecat and soon learns that the secret of breaking the curse is hidden within a fourteenth-century fresco by artist, Françios Clouet. His mysterious symbols point to an underground society of werecats dating back to the Egyptian cat goddesses.
Category: Adult Paranormal Romance
Format: E-Book
Publisher: Phaze
Price: $4.99
Pages: 296
Reading Level: Adult

Link to purchase on Amazon:


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