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  1. Kevin Jones May 9, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Sally, i trust all is good with you. my name is Kevin Jones, I am the founder of New Urban Feelosophy, you responded to a Elance post about three months + ago. I did employ someone who was recommended to me, however it has become apparent that she is not quite right for the job.
    I would jump at the opportunity to talk to you about how you might fit into this or other writing projects that I am pursuing. I love your energy and style and feel that a chat would be very fruitful.
    I am blessed to live with my lovely partner Beverley and our little dog Pollyanna, on the south west coast of Italy in a very beautiful sleepy historical seaside town call Agropoli, it’s where I draw my inspiration and its where my journey began three years ago. I live next to a cattle ruins in a building that dates back over one thousand years, with a five hundred year old front door.
    “The house in the stars” we live above where the seagulls fly.
    No cars allowed and only 110 residents 112 including Bev and I, it’s as close to heaven as anyone could ever be.
    I mention this because Agropoli is where I will be inviting leaders, coaches, teachers and Gurus alike to fill the 220 amphitheater which is positioned in the centre of the castle ruins exposed to all the beauty that surrounds it, it’s the perfect place for me to share my message and as perfect for others to receive it.
    My number is +44 7543276369 I look forward to sharing some time and energy with you.
    Massive love to you and yours, from my heart to yours, Kevin 🙂

  2. Kevin Jones May 9, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    Calling all creative high energy Ghost writers!!!!!! A series of 8 mini “Heart led, emotionally fed” fun and a bit off the wall personal development books each will be illustrated and about 40_80 pages.

    The layout of the books will be unique, more space between the words to allow the word space to breathe and the reader the space to read between the words and lines. Allowing the reader the time and space to infer and imagine as they journey through the book. The energetic power held in the most powerful complimentary words will be expressed in calligraphy.

    New urban Feelosophy (Feelosopher; beacon of light, love, compassion, appreciation, trust, truth, faith and vision) A feeling philosopher dealing with the heart of today’s challenges and opportunities. The world think to much and feel to little………

    The power of positive feeling ( encouraging the “F” word) Fxxx it! FEEL!
    Up to 5,000 Times more magnetic power than a thought alone.!……..

    The Affinity code (Your cosmic love aligned signal)……….

    The 1st Law,, The true cosmic law of everything (Everything is ever evolving energy, energised into transformation by linguistic vibration, everything speaks!) The law above every law, energizing every law including and especially The Law of Attraction……..

    The all new law of attraction “Screw it” principle (a new twist to the LOA) are you rotating toward or away from the choices you make?……….

    The 1st sense no longer your 6th it leads you to The 1st step (Release)………

    Cardo Linguistic Programming (The Heart of Language) Reset your heart with the words that You choose to use. Identifying the complimentary and none- complimentary energy which words hold. “You can’t fix fxcked until you means broken!” It seems that most are “Head fxcked and heart broken!”
    No room for none complimentary words Wanting, Needing, Asking, Wishing, Getting, Having, Thinking or Hoping (How Attractive do they feel)
    They are the most commonly used within the personal development industry and that are fxcking it up for everyone that chooses to speak them………….

    complimentary word, Choose, hold, thank, trust, dream, share, allow, be, do, and feel…………..

    The 1st power, The power of influence, the principle by which everything moves,grows and flows. (Nothing happening something moves)……….

    I have a great back story to support my message and calling (Google Kevin Jones Alchemy, ostrich farming Corp, Landbanking.) I have tested and bent every law in most countries and industries, all tested to braking point and some beyond

    Being a tester of laws has one draw back, some get broken along the way

    please feel free to ask me any question, I look forward to creating toget her

    Thank you for you time and energy, Kevin J 🙂

  3. C October 28, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    I’m not sure if I’m actually a writer of what. You have sparked my imagination, through an aquaintance Ryan Takahushi a young guy that I connect with emotionally, although he has never responded to any of my emails. I think along the same lines as Ryan and share similar fantasies and imaginations, except I’m not Asian. I come from a breed of Anglo Saxon heritage and Christian Upbringing. As a muscian I think more along the lines of a Screen Writer but I don’t know if there is such things as Ghost Screen Writers, maybe you can help me better understand? Connecting with my feelings and conveying those feelings have never come easy for me, until I began reading Ryan Takahushi. His attitude is exactly what this nineteen year old needs, who’s been secluded most of my Christian life, living in S. America with my Missionary Parents. Dad is a contractor for the Methodist Faith and my mom teaches, not like the kind of missionaries that most folk are accustom to thinking. I’m out of high school been living in the States since 2007 (I am an American). Honestly I’m a hopelessly addicted man with no direction and am in need of encouragement, of which my mom and dad don’t share on equal terms. I hope I’m making since? Please respond.
    thank you,

    • Sally Bosco October 28, 2013 at 6:06 pm

      Hi C: I’m now just realizing that you found me from a comment I wrote on Ryan Takahushi’s page. What do you like to write? At your age you can probably start with anything and over the years your interests will evolve. Have you thought of taking some writing classes or joining a writers’ group? Sometimes just getting outside of yourself and getting other interests is the answer. If you’re not working, maybe volunteer to help someone else. That’s the quickest route to feeling better yourself. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Cheers! Sally

  4. Matilda January 29, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    I am interested in your radio interview as the information was sent by JMS Book Publishing. I’m at Thanks. Author Tillie Wells

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