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Insider Info

This page gives some background about my reasons for writing my various books, what I was thinking at the time I wrote them and writing techniques I may have used.

This book originated when I was on a business trip to the Northern Neck of Virginia. My work friend, Ginny, and I were going to be there for a month, and at the time there weren’t any hotels in the town of Warsaw. As a result, we rented cabins out in the woods…way out in the woods. The lock on our cabin doors was the kind you could open with a credit card and at the time I didn’t have a cell phone. At night I always heard weird noises, like someone dragging luggage through a gravel parking lot or stuff swishing against the house. Objectively, I know that a little animal can sound like a huge bear or a person, so these noises were all perfectly natural for the woods. As a suburban girl, my nerves were frazzled from worrying about the noises at night.

The campground also had its own vintage cemetery we used to take walks through at night and scare ourselves silly with scary stories. To add fuel to the fire, there was a local legend about a ghost that roamed the woods due to a son having killed his father, or vice versa, I can’t really remember right now.

Of course, nothing ever happened, no woodland monsters attacked us, but I kept thinking about how this creepy setting would be so perfect for a novel.  Lynne visited the area later and also loved its spookiness.  Together, we wrote our story using the Northern Neck as a backdrop.

About the same time I had a very good friend who was in a wheelchair, and the dignity of how he lead his life, never complaining about anything, was an inspiration to me. I wanted to write a disabled hero of a book, someone whom all the other kids respected and looked up to. I wanted to make him the romantic lead as well. Thus, the concept for was born.


One response to “Insider Info

  1. Matt November 27, 2012 at 8:23 am

    The campground sounds like a cool place…

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